Astrek Rock Climbing Gym

It doesn't look like like a climbing gym from the outside but trust me it is.

It doesn’t look like like a climbing gym from the outside but trust me it is.

Remember, this is Nepal not the US and A. That’s what I kept repeating to myself as I walked to Astrek for the first time. I was expecting a let down like when I first entered a Korean climbing gym. Luckily Astrek was better than expected.

There is a top rope/sport climbing wall with about six anchors. Each anchor having three or four routes. The setting is so-so, similar to the setting in Korea with bigger hand holds and few added foot holds, so you need to high step onto the hand holds below for your feet. I don’t like that grades are not marked.

Decent wall, but I wasn't a huge fan of the setting.

Decent wall, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the setting.

There are two small bouldering caves as well and a couple of hangboards. The bouldering is small and there are no problems marked so you have to make up your own up. I personally don’t mind this style, but there are several blank sections on the bouldering walls so it’s hard to get variety on the problems.

The people who work there are super friendly and speak English well also. In addition, the wifi is pretty good, they have decently priced snacks and tea, and a good selection on beer including some nice Belgians since you are probably sick and tired of the light, watery beers of Asia. Astrek is cheap as far as climbing gyms go, 400 npr for a day pass and half that if you finish before 4pm.

Basically, Astrek is not enough if it was your home climbing gym, but plenty to keep you busy for an afternoon or to get a bit or training in after 20 days of trekking shrunk your forearms to normal people size.

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