Avalon House

Robin and I are usually all about finding the cheapest lodging that satisfies the most basic human needs, but we stayed here before and between treks so that we could do our treks without knowing our stored luggage would be safe. This place is very comfortable and is a good value for the money. The beds are comfortable with soft mattresses and warm down comforters. It comes with a huge breakfast, which consists of two eggs, two pieces of toast with butter and jam, banana porridge, a glass of juice, and a small pot of coffee or tea. It is very clean, and has a guard so it is also safe. The manager, Saput, is very knowledgeable of Kathmandu as well as the popular treks since he used to be a guide.


Avalon House has a few negatives. First, there is much cheaper lodging to be found. Second, the wifi there is not very good. There were often times when too many people were using it and we were unable to even connect. Also, the showers are solar powered so if the weather is cloudy, the water won’t be hot. After three weeks trekking in frigid, high elevations the one thing we wanted most was a hot shower and the shower we got was pretty damn cold. Finally, there are a lot of dogs in the area including a huge German shepherd next door that bark all night and early morning so the second thing we wanted, a good nights rest, we couldn’t get either.


All in all, Avalon House is a good place to stay for a few days before and after a trek, but if you plan to be in Kathmandu for a long time (like waiting for an Indian visa) and are on a limited budget, then you might want to stay elsewhere.

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