New Hotel President

Not the newest hotel in town but perfect for the budget traveler who will be in Kathmandu for a while.

Not the newest hotel in town but perfect for the budget traveler who will be in Kathmandu for a while.

Applying for our Indian visa required us to stay in Kathmandu for several days so we looked for a cheaper place to stay than the Avalon Hotel. While having a snack we ran into a couple of kayakers who told us about the New President Hotel. We checked it out and were glad we did.

Positives: It is cheap. At the time of writing we were quoted a price of 600 npr per night for a large room with a double bed, a single bed, and our own bathroom and shower. We were able to negotiate a cheaper rate on top of this. On Sunny days, there are warm showers in the room, and when that is not available, the Hotel manager lets you use the gas powered hot shower in her room. Drinking water is provided free of charge. The room is spacious and has two power outlets. The owners are very friendly, you can hear the Didi cackling her laugh all day. The wifi is pretty good (much better than Avalon House) and we were able to get it in our room. The hotel is tucked down an alley so you don’t get much of the hustle and bustle of the tourists in town. Finally, the place is located smack in the middle of Thamel, so you are near a lot of good restaurants, shops, and most importantly, the climbing gym.

Negatives: It is old and dingy looking. The owners do their best to keep the place clean. They mop the stairs and the halls and clean the rooms thoroughly. However, it’s a really old place, so the carpets are stained, and the bathroom and toilet have mildew in them. Lastly, the walls are thin, so it can get quite loud if there are a lot of other guests in the hotel. We were unfortunate to have loads and loads of kayakers staying the night when we were there, so we were woken up more than once to kayaks scraping the stairs in the middle of the night.

All-in-all, if you can look past the cosmetic flaws of this hotel, it is a great value for the price and I highly recommend it for the budget traveler.

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