Thakali Bhanchha (Kitchen)

Go here for your dhal bhat fix.

Go here for your dhal bhat fix.

Food in the Everest area is expensive especially the higher you get in elevation. Robin and I tried to hack the system by skipping lunch and eating Dhal Bhat as much as possible since we could gorge on the free refills. I must have eaten it for 80-90% of my dinners.

While most people never wanted to eat dhal bhat again…ever, I found myself craving it when I got back to Kathmandu. I found it here for cheaper than anywhere on my treks and, that’s right and, it’s cheaper here, in addition, that’s right in addition, it comes with more types of dishes plus, of yeah there’s a plus, they come around almost constantly asking if you want more of anything!

The dal bhat comes with rice, vegetable curry, pickled vegetables, greens, dal, and some amazing peanut dish (all unlimited). You also get a small dish of sweet yogurt (might be curd…not sure) for desert to cleanse the palate after such a flavorful meal. For the meat lover, you can order the dal bhat with chicken or mutton, but the meat is not refillable. On the treks, dal bhat cost 350-700 rupees (no meat). The one here is much, much better and went for 200 rupees (veg) and 300-320 rupees (meat).

Since we were there during a fuel shortage, the rest of the menu was very limited. I remember momos, and a few snacks being on the menu but I only had the dal bhat and lassi. Like on the treks, this meal is the best bang for your buck in Kathmandu.


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