Western Tandoori


Imagine someone telling you about a restaurant where you can get enough naan and curry to stuff two people for less then $5. Then imagine that when you get there it’s closed for the holidays and won’t be opening again until you leave for you trek. If you imagined feeling like getting kicked in the nuts, that’s how I felt too!

Luckily, when we got back from our trek, Western Tandoori was open again and it was even better than we expected. While many of the items on the menu weren’t available because of the fuel crisis, we were well contented with what was available. The menu consists mostly of breads: naan, roti, and paratha; and things to eat with them: curries, paneer, palak, and omelets.

There are many other restaurants that offer similar menus, but other than a random tandoori we went to near the US embassy (like an hour away), none have been as tasty.

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