Hampi Boulders

Hampi Boulders

There are literally boulders as far as the eye can see and you can spend many a lifetime climbing here and still barely scratch the surface of what’s available. On the other hand, many of the problems are low quality; sharp with uninteresting movements. Despite this, there are definitely plenty of classics at every grade to keep you coming back season after season. If somehow you send everything you want to from the guidebook, there are plenty of developed areas that haven’t been put in the guidebook and even more untouched areas waiting for you to open up.

The guidebook is very good, but full of grading errors. Since most of the problems are crimp ladders, make sure to take advantage of the guidebook’s icons telling you when a problem has slopers, arêtes, dynos, etc. so that you can get more variety in your climbing.

If you need to get psyched, check out the old Chris Sharma video Pilgrimage, or this more recent video featuring the local crusher Jerry, owner of the Tom and Jerry Climbing Shop and Rishmook Cafe: https://vimeo.com/134398755.


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